Seattle Wedding Photographers sitting on the back of a truck sharing a drink at Mt Rainer.

Dark, Moody, and Timeless Photography

Capturing light, feelings &  moments and all the things in between people and life.

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about us! A few things to note about working with us for your wedding, elopement, and portrait needs:

  • Business Professionals that are ready for any situation/scenario
  • We love to have fun while showcasing your love story
  • We secretly live through our couples. Capturing your images of love helps us reflect on our own love story.
  • We are a husband and wife team that exclusively works with each other. We don't hire unknown shooters we don't work with for your life's biggest events. We know what each look we give each other means :)

Man and wife running down a road while giving a piggy back ride in Wenatchee WA

Hi, I'm Clint Swindell!

I was born and raised in Central WA (Wenatchee). How did I get into photography? Have you ever heard the term InstaHusband? My wife and I love to travel the world, and our iPhones weren't cutting it! The beauty we were seeing, and the memories we were capturing together needed a major upgrade. That's when we decided it's time to dedicate a portion of our life to photography and the rest was history.

I live for the rush of capturing the love story of others. I remember all the emotions that went through me on our big day, and it helps me relive those memories on your special day with my PIC (Partner In Crime).

3 Fun Facts:

1.) I'm a gym rat! I love challenging myself. Plus it helps me carry all the camera gear all day :)

2.) I have jokes for days.... Trust me, you will hear some when we meet.

3.) I love to travel. If there is one thing I could do non stop with my wife & son, it would be traveling the world creating memories.

Man in Africa standing on the sand near the ocean
Man posing for a christmas photo on the back of his F150 at Mt Rainier
Man posing with camera lens in a creepy 80's shoot photo in Auburn WA
Groom smiling at wife on the beach in Cabo Mexico after they got married.
CSwindell Photography posing with Bobby Wagner of the Seattle Seahawks with BodyArmor.

Hi, I'm Cindy (Vo) Swindell!

I always say my first love was traveling and that opened up the door for photography and I have never turned back since. I love capturing the passion and love from our couples and am thankful each day that I get to do this with my best friend. Ladies, if you want me to teach you how to train your fiance/boyfriend to be a IG Boyfriend let me know.

Just know when your moment comes, I strongly believe in attention to detail and making sure you are comfortable! Hold your dress? Absolutely! Wipe your forehead? YUP! #TeamBride

3 Fun Facts:

1.) I am 5'2'' but promise to climb to any object I need to, to get that perfect shot :)

2.) I love my Jeep.... Jeep Wave!

3.) I am fluent in Vietnamese

Asian woman in Africa posing in front of deadwood.
Seattle Wedding Photographer posing in Vietnam
Asian woman smiling at the camera in the snow near Easton WA
Asian woman jumping in the air on a dirt road in Palisades WA
Asian woman in black dress flipping her hair back at Cape Kiwanda near the water.

Hi, I'm Cain!

Most people don't know, but CSwindell Photography actually stands for Clint, Cindy, and Cain! I am 8 years old and love to keep my parents on their toes. At this point, I feel like I part-time model because my parents won't stop taking pictures of me!

3 Fun Facts:

1.) I love Funko Pops. I've started a collection, and I'm always looking for more (hint hint Mom & Dad).

2.) My favorite team to watch is the Seahawks.

3.) I have a YouTube page and love sharing my adventures :)

Boy in Champion clothes and Rayban sungless posing in Seattle Washington



“We absolutely loved Clint & Cindy. They were so professional and also so much fun. When we were shopping around for wedding photographers they stood out to us and did for numerous reasons. First of all, they were super fast in responding to our messages and so personable. They also took the time to answer all our questions over zoom. During the actual event it was so helpful to have both of them on site to not only help me with my dress, but to capture all the memories. We absolutely love our pictures!”