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Let us introduce ourselves to kick this thing off! We are Cindy and Clint Swindell, and welcome to our photography blog! We will be discussing experiences while getting married during COVID-19, what to expect on your big day, things we commonly see as wedding photographers, how we prepare and capture weddings, and more in the coming months. We are hoping to connect with couples planning for their big day, share experiences to help other wedding photographers, as well as help anyone improve their overall experience on their big day. First things first, we are going to talk a little bit about us and the journey that led us here.


One common question we get when first meeting couples looking for a wedding/elopement photographer is, "How did you get into photography?" That answer is simple. One of our biggest passions that we share together is travel. We were traveling all over the world and experiencing breathtaking beauty that only mother nature could deliver. Smartphones are getting better each year, but we weren't satisfied with the overall quality of the images, as it didn't truly capture the beauty of our surroundings. Plus, smartphone images look decent on Instagram, but aren't that spectacular blown up. We were traveling with whatever the current iPhone model was and a Go Pro. One of our biggest regrets was not buying a camera earlier! We've missed incredible shots in multiple parts of Mexico, Thailand, Bali, and more. So that's the abbreviated version on why we bought camera gear and got into photography.


Now, how did we get into wedding photography? This happened gradually, but it started with us helping out friends and family by taking their photos for fun. This eventually evolved into weddings because of the passion and love we have for each other. Anyone that knows us, knows that our love for each other runs hot! We had such a great time during our own wedding, that we thought it would be a blast to be a part of other couples’ big day. So selfishly, we get to relive our wedding excitement through our couples. Spending most of the day with couples on one of their best days, while helping guide them with our experience, is a fulfillment to us both as individuals. Fix your hair, throw your dress or straighten your tie? We GOT you! Every wedding/ elopement is a different party and it is crazy to think we are working because of the fun we are having!

So now that you know why we got into wedding photography, here is more about us and our engagement and wedding experiences.


How did we meet? We met at work but Cindy was not a fan of me during the first few encounters. Funny how things work out.


How long did we date for? We dated for two years, and then got engaged! We were engaged for two years before we tied the knot.


Where did we get engaged? Thailand, and it is an interesting story to say the least. Cindy planned most of the trip, as this was her dream vacation. I knew this was the right time and place to ask her to be my wife. Fast forward to landing in Bangkok and suffering from jet lag. She started digging in one of the bags that the ring was hidden in... I had to divert her efforts elsewhere and narrowly dodged a bullet. It gets better... I was researching all the places we were going and was told that one of the resorts we were staying at was on Phuket, but when we got on the boat, it took us to Koh Yao Yai. Everything I planned was out the door, so I started freaking out. Long behold, this "other" island was gorgeous, and the resort was perfect! I snuck away to talk to the concierge desk and started planning our private dinner on the beach. The next day arrived and it was showtime. She knew we were having a romantic dinner but didn't know what to expect. As she was getting ready, dark clouds started coming in and the panic set in once again. You never know what to expect with tropical weather, but I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. I called the shuttle and they took us down to the beach. What does my then girlfriend see? Two photographers standing right where we got dropped off and she asked why they were there. I acted clueless, but in my mind was thinking, "Are you freaking kidding me." The night was magical, the weather was perfect, the food was amazing, and my future wife looked gorgeous. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to propose, but I started by confessing my love to her and all the reasons why I love her. I dropped to one knee and asked her if she would marry me. Her response? She started jumping up and down and her first words were, "Shut the F*** up, are you kidding me?" Then she said yes!


Where did we get married? Cabo, Mexico. We got married on the beach, at the resort where we said, I love you to each other for the first time. Our wedding was shared with our close friends and family, and we wouldn't change a thing. Our wedding had fewer than twenty five people, which kept it extremely intimate. We knew for our wedding it had to be destination to fit in with our passion for travel. During our vows neither of us could stop crying. Not sure anyone actually understood what we were muttering between sniffles and eye wiping. I still think I got sand in my eye... We constantly look back at our photos of our wedding, so we know what these photos mean to our couples.


We love sharing our personal journey with you all and are looking forward to all the journeys we will help capture in the years to come!


To wrap it up, here are some photos of us from some of our travels! (From left to right: Philippines, Cabo, Thailand, Bali)

Husband and wife sitting and staring at palm trees in the phillipines
Husband and wife sitting on the beach during sunrise kissing.
Husband and wife sitting near plants kissing in Thailand
Man and woman posing in front on Nusa Penida

Capturing Memories

We look forward to connecting with you all and sharing additional content to help couples with their big day and provide info and tips to assist wedding professionals!

Any questions? Feel free to shoot us a message.

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